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A Short Post on the Patrio-centric movement

It’s pretty much time for bed, seeing as I’ve got a ten’OClock class tomorrow, but I’d thought I’d just post this.
After my last post, I’ve become increasingly intrigued by both the Quiverful and patrio-centric movements within the Christian Church.
I don’t agree with either of these ideologies, but I’ve found both of them to be fascinating, if not disturbing, perspectives into human psychology. Many of these women, endowed with near supernatural tenacity and love for their families, must live ina virtual prison within their homes.
The young, unmarried women are brought up to reverence men and keep them at the center of her world. Prior to marriage her father holds that position of high esteem, almost worship, and godly reverence. However, once marriage has taken place, she must then transfer those feelings of worship to her husband, being sure to meet his every need and fulfil his every whim under the guise of loving obedience.

Here are two particular posts of interest for you to ponder.
The first is part of an ongoing series at No Longer Quivering and tells the story of a mother who lives in the worlds of both the patrio-centric and quiverful families.

The 49 Character Qualities of Ruth #5: Gentleness vs. Harshness – Showing personal care and concern in meeting the need of others (I Thessalonians 2:7) – Bill Gothard

This second one leads to a thread on the Blog True Womanhood and is basically a discussion between some very intelligent ladies on the subject of patrio-centrism and its impact on families and women trapped in them.
patriocentricity 10

All right, it’s really past my bedtime, so good-night.
As always, comments are welcome!:)

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