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The 49 Character Qualities of Ruth #8

The 49 Character Qualities of Ruth #8
Here’s another shocking but insightful post from the gals at “No Longer Quivering.” Here, the narrator details her experience in a family following the Gothard principles of child rearing and home life.
I believe now that more and more stories are surfacing regarding the abuses endured by these children, Gothard and Pearl should be exposed and called out on their teachings.
No public relations consultants, no nothing. For those of you who would like to, find some of their free brochures or pamphlets or any other literature you may have and make people aware.
It’s true one may believe what one chooses, but it’s unethical and dishonest to hide from the consequences of one’s teachings. Technically, placing the blame on others when one’s teachings could result in death or severe physical and emotional dammage is irresponsible and could be considered, from an academic standpoint, a logical falacy at best.
I hope that little Lydia Schatz did not die in vain. Let Lydia Schatz’s death not be in vain.

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